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Ice T & Coco Working on a Baby

Written on April 21, 2014 by

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Ice T and his wife, my beloved Coco, are trying to have a baby.

Coco told In Touch:

“Ice and I are very organized – we keep a list of what we need to do, and right now having a baby is next on the life list! I’m pre-nataling it with vitamins and everything to get my body prepared.” Source

I can’t wait for them to procreate, that baby is gonna be a pimp and have the fattest ass in the world.

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Coco Working on a $ex Toy Line

Written on December 7, 2013 by

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My boo coco is the consummate entrepreneur.  She is venturing into the $ex toy industry.

Her rep says that she’s teamed up with Cal Exotics, the world’s largest sex toy company.

“The toys will reflect Coco’s personality and will include massagers, vibrators, and more!

“The toys are for solo and couples play. Coco is involved with the entire process, from packaging to the promotional strategy.” Source

I wonder if she’ll have the same success as Kandi. In any event, congrats Coco!

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AP.9 Fails Lie Detector Test

Written on June 15, 2013 by

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Remember when ‘rapper’ AP.9 said that he made sexo with Coco and had the proof in the form of a video of them bumping uglies?  Well we never saw the video.  And that’s because he was apparently lying about the whole thing.

Star Magazine gave him a lie detector to determine whether or not he had a sex tape with coco and the test determined that was a lie. Source

Even if he did have sex with her, which I don’t believe he did, no one will believe him now because he’s a proven liar.  So much for that 15 minutes buddy.

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Everyone’s Comin’ for Coco

Written on March 17, 2013 by

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We’ve already heard about Coco’s alleged tryst with rapper AP.9 and now sources are saying that she’s stepping out with party promoter Jamie Thomas.

Sources say they saw the two at a “local Vegas lounge” this weekend. They had a fight ending with Coco storming out.

Jamie is reportedly denying the allegations. This while sources say that he has a Vegas-based reality show in the works with E! Network — the home of ‘Ice Loves Coco’. Source

I can’t take this anymore! It’s giving me a tummy ache! Dear God make it stop! #IStan4CocoAllDayEveryDay

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AP.9 Brings His Evidence

Written on March 7, 2013 by

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AP.9 refuses to let us call him a liar.  He went on KMEL radio in San Fran and told them that Coco confessed sleeping with him to her husband Ice T.  He says that he and Ice have spoken about the situation.

And he wasn’t just talk…he came with evidence.


AP also says the only reason he came forward is because Coco tried to humiliate him by calling him a groupie.

So he has these pictures…

Images via Source

Oh hell.

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Ice and Coco are Still Going Strong

Written on March 3, 2013 by

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There have been rumors that Ice recently went to a NJ courthouse to file divorce papers.  But his rep said that’s nugatory.

The rep told E!:

 “Ice and Coco are doing totally fine. Those papers are fake. They are not addressing rumors or the photos and are moving forward happily.” Source

There you have it.  Now leave my fave couple alone.

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AP.9 is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Written on February 22, 2013 by

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Thirsty a$$ rapper, better known as AP.9, just won’t quit.  He recently posted the above picture on his Instagram saying that he was going to sell the pic on nt-shirts for his ‘Bitchkilla’ movement.

Mind you, the sex tape he’s been reportedly peddling has not surfaced yet. Source

I’m sure Ice has some connections that could make this dude go away.  I wouldn’t shed a tear.  I wouldn’t tip my 40.

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AP.9 Shops Around a Coco $ex Tape

Written on February 10, 2013 by

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This AP.9 character is tenacious as hell.  So not only did he say he made nasty with Coco, but he said the bumped uglies raw.  And now he’s saying he has video evidence of the encounter.

Pblicist Kali Bowyer says that AP.9’s reps contacted her asking for  “help to promote and sell pictures and video above the 100k offer.”

Kali says she was told the rapper “has various pics, audio and footage of him placing his hand into her private parts, acts of oral sex, doggy style positions with miscellaneous graphic exploits and sexual conduct.”

Kali turned down the job, saying, “While I personally will NOT engage in something so crude and disgusting, I have no hesitation in blowing the lid off his intentions. “Source

Aye, aye, aye. This makes my head hurt.

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AP.9 Says He Banged Coco Raw

Written on February 7, 2013 by

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Rapper AP.9 is like herpes…he just won’t go away.

Pictures surfaced of him and my Coco back in December looking very cozy.  Coco admitted the pictures were in bad taste, but denied cheating on her hubby Ice-T.

Well AP says that something definitely happened.  In fact he says they ad sex, unprotected sex.

He said, “I first met Coco at Surerender nightclub in Las Vegas. She invited me back to her table; I had a couple of drinks; we exchanged numbers. I could tell we had a physical attraction.

 “She asked me, ‘What are you doing after the club?’ I said, ‘I’m probably just going to get a room and stay right here.’ She said, ‘Well, I’m going with you.

“We had sex,” AP.9 says. “I don’t know who made the first move. It wasn’t making love; it was just sex.

“We had sex unprotected. I really hope she isn’t pregnant!” Source

I’m so done with him right now.

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Coco Didn’t Always Like Her Cakes

Written on March 13, 2012 by

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My Coco, Nicole Marrow, opened up about battling bulimia.  She says that she struggled with an eating disorder after a photoshoot director called her “fat.”

She said, “When I was 18, the J. Lo (Jennifer Lopez) butt was not in. To have a booty was not the thing. You were considered fat if you had a booty…I was being cast in stuff where you’ll see all these really beanpole-looking white girls with blond hair and big boobs. That’s what I wanted to be…I was pulled aside during a Playboy photoshoot and a director told me that I needed to lose weight – that I was getting fat…

“When I heard that, I went into full craziness. I went and tried everything from diet pills to cleansing to everything you could possibly do to get rid of your butt. Bulimia – I tried that but I love my food too much.”

She said Ice helped her learn how to appreciate her assets adding, “I told her, ‘You got a little waist and a nice, round butt.’ I said, ‘That’s what’s unique about you. The boobs – anybody can go buy them.’” Source

Well I’m glad you love your lady lumps Coco. Gawd knows we do!

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Recap: Ice Loves Coco-S2/E2

Written on February 22, 2012 by

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The show opens with Coco talking about getting another house.

Next up we’re at Coco’s offices and Souljee tells her that Dysfunctional Magazine wants to feature her.  Coco tells him that her gay bestie from Arizona, Kyle, wants to come out and visit.  Souljee looks skeptical.  I’m sure he wants to be her ONLY gay on the east coast.

Coco and Ice go on a hunt for a house.  It’s 13,000 square feet.  My apartment is like 800.  Way to quantify it Lo.  Coco is gushing about it but Ice is trying to keep his poker face.

The garage opens to a basketball court and the walk in closet, which is probably 800 square feet is slathered in marble and has a chandelier.  Coco is sold.  But Ice tries to put it all in perspective.  They love being all up in each other’s space so a huge house wouldn’t be practical.

Next we’re at a store where Souljee and Coco are shopping for a dress for her magazine shoot.  As Souljee gushes over the dress she’s trying on, her Kyle shows up.  He trashes the dress and has her try on something different.  While she’s in the fitting room, Souljee tries to discourage Kyle from moving to New York, saying it’ll be too much for him.

When Coco comes out of the dressing room both she and Kyle love the dress he picked but Souljee says he hates it. Catfight!

Coco and Ice go see another house.  It’s smaller and Ice likes it but Coco isn’t feeling it at all.  He’s ready to make an offer.  Coco is upset about the dark wood in the walk in. So Ice suggests they postpone the search.  But Coco is scared the conversation will end here forever.

At the club, Coco is hanging with her gays talking about the house search.  Kyle suggests coming back to help her look for places and Soujee tells him he doesn’t need to. Seeing they’re kinda fighting with each other, Coco suggests going to dance.  But the dance floor turns into a complete Queen-off. I never saw two chub gays go at it like that IN-MY-LIFE.

Coco calls a real estate agent friend who has them come look at a house that she says is fabulous.  When they get there, the house isn’t fully built yet.  They’re a little shocked but they like the idea of making the house into what they want.

Back at Coco’s offices Coco is talking to Souljee about her line and he makes a snide comment about Kyle.  So she explains to him that she just wanted them to get along and he doesn’t have to be threatened because Kyle isn’t moving to NY anytime soon.  They peace it up.

At the apartment, Coco and Ice are toasting the new house and getting excited talking about designing their new crib.

They’re so friggin cute.

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Did ‘The Doctors’ Prove Coco’s Butt is Real?

Written on February 22, 2012 by

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Coco appeared on ‘The Doctors’ the  other day to prove once and for all that her cakes are real.  Back in 2007, Coco commented on one of my ‘Coco Pic of the Day’ posts to tell the world that her bootytail was “1000% real.” That extra zero is there on purpose. 

Anywho, peep the vid to find out the results.

(Thanks Rhonda!)

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Coco Tweets Photo of Herself Sleeping Nude with Infant Nephew

Written on February 12, 2012 by

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My beloved Coco caused a stir on Twitter the other day when she tweeted a photo of her lying naked in bed with her nephew.

People were enraged because 1. She was completely nude in bed with a child. 2. The child wasn’t her own. 3. She posted the pic on the internet.

Coco defended herself via the same platform tweeting:

“Wow! I need to take a moment & speak my mind about the pic I posted with my nephew that people are making it a bigger thing than it is. I took the pic down because people were twisting the story & makin it into something that wasn’t.I’m gonna repost so u can see 4 yourselves. At 1 am I was sleeping with my sisters baby (the one I help delivered on my show) I had no clothes on because that’s how I sleep….. It was a beautiful,natural moment..I had no makeup on just caring for my nephew & my sister saw how precious the moment was & took a pic…..When I look at the pic I see how I love to spend time with my family in a nurturing way but people turned it into a gross thing…… Shame on all of u..Since when is naked gross!Its completely natural!Thats how we were born,plus my family knows me and accepts me for that. I think its funny how a simple pic can start such an up-roar.

“I done w/ this subject! My sister loves that I’m so loving & affectionate w/her kids.I have none so I spoil them.She’s Ok w/it.This is the pic that people were talkin about with me & my sisters baby.This is such a beautiful,sweet & natural sight…”

The uncensored pic can be viewed here

Via Twitter

How appropriate certain behavior between family members is can be very subjective.  For instance, I don’t think it’s appropriate for fathers to kiss their daughters on the mouth, regardless of how old they are.  Many people disagree with me.  How you decide to interact with your own family is your business. If Christy doesn’t care that Coco lays in bed totally nude with her son, then that’s their business. BUT, once you post evidence of what could be considered inappropriate or weird online, then you open yourself up for people to attack your actions. I’m just sayin’.

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‘Ice Loves Coco’ Trailer

Written on May 8, 2011 by

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Peep above for the trailer for Ice T and Coco’s new reality show, ‘Ice Loves Coco’.  The show premieres on Sunday, June 12th.

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Coco Pic of the Day

Written on September 17, 2010 by

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I’m giving you Coco from the front…

…and the back baby!

 (Thanks Crystal!)

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Coco Pic of the Day

Written on September 10, 2010 by

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She’s making me want to do some stretches so I can get my split back.

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Coco Pic of the Day

Written on September 6, 2010 by

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Size doesn’t matter when it comes to bikini tops.

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Coco Pic of the Day

Written on August 27, 2010 by

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Well hello Coco! Thanks for sharing!

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Coco Pic of the Day

Written on August 20, 2010 by

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Now that’s how you do it!

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Coco Pic of the Day

Written on July 30, 2010 by

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Coco getting cozy with one of her good buddies while in Miami. I wanna play!

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