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Throwback Thursday

Written on February 28, 2013 by

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Mya feat. Jay-Z-Best of Me

 I remember those jersey dresses.  I had one.  But I was poor back then (*coughs…still am) so I altered one of my BF’s jerseys.  He wasn’t too pleased. But had to remark that I did look good in it.

Sidebar, does anyone know if these two ever banged?  I mean Mya been in the business for years and she’s STILL on the come up.  I’m sure she wouldn’t have been opposed to letting Jay cut.  Plus she fits his LSLH type.  Thoughts?

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New Music Videos:

Written on December 30, 2012 by

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Travis Porter-Wobble

Kid Ink feat. Los-Poppin’ Sh!t

Mya-Mr. Incredible

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New Music Videos:

Written on October 31, 2012 by

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Mya feat. Spice-Take Him Out

Ludacris feat. Kelly Rowland-Representin’

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Flashback Friday

Written on March 9, 2012 by

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Mya feat. Sisquo-It’s All About Me


There are three things wrong with this video:

-Sisquo’s Celie hat.

-Doing the cha cha whilst wearing neon crime scene lab jumpsuits

-And finally, Sisquo’s Celie hat.

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Is DeSean Jackson Chopping Down These Two Hotties?

Written on December 10, 2011 by

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Desean Jackson's Dating Both Mya & Esther Baxter?

Footballer DeSean Jackson (with his fine ass) was seen out on consecutive nights with two different women.

On Sunday he was seen out with video vixen  Esther Baxter.  Then on Monday Singer Mya went with DeSean to the Philadelphia Sports Fans Choice Awards.

“She was there. They are definitely friends,” said Baxter’s manager, Jennifer Horton.

“No comment,” said Jackson spokesman Bobby McRae when asked if Jackson was dating either or both women. Mya’s rep couldn’t be reached for comment.  Source

DeSean is winning either way if you ask me.  This is way too  much pretty for one love triangle to handle.

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New Music Videos:

Written on May 22, 2011 by

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Chris Brown-I Should Have Kissed You


Keri Hilson feat. Nelly-Lose Control


K. Michelle-Just Ain’t My Day


Cedric Gervais feat. Mya-Love is the Answer

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Mya’s Got a Man

Written on November 14, 2010 by

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Singer Mya seems to have found a new love.  She was spotted vacationing in Belize with NFL player Larry Johnson.

They were also seen together earlier this month, celebrating Mya’s 31st birthday at dinner in DC.


I would say congrats but besides being a cutie Larry isn’t really a catch.  He’s got a history of aggression towards women, he’s been arrested several times, he’s rumored to have an STD and to be on the DL, and he currently don’t have no job! Run girl! Run!

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Mya Canned her Veggie Diet for DWTS

Written on November 16, 2009 by

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Singer/dancer Mya changed her eating habits to help her perform on “Dancing With the Stars.” She gave up her vegetarian diet and went back to meat.

She said, “I am eating more protein now – I used to be a vegetarian! Adding, “So I’m eating lots of chicken and beef. I splurge on carbs like mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, rice and gravy, bagels – the list goes on!”


I wonder how long she was a vegetarian before going back to meat?  I know a few vegetarians who have either accidentally, or by the urging of doctors eaten meat after years off of it and their body straight rejected it.  Also, there are other ways to get protein besides meat.  Sounds like she wasn’t all that committed to being a vegetarian to begin with.

Mya Wants to go to Space

Written on August 28, 2009 by

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Maya is goin all Anne Hache on us and is talking about going to space. She said,“I do want to go to space. That’s the ultimate dream for me. Escaping into another planet or another world or another way of life…keeps me centered and balanced.”

She adds,“If someone told me that I would never come back, and if I didn’t have a family, I would definitely go and spend my last days in outer space.” Source

I see. Well I was gonna call her crazy then I remembered my dream to become a pirate one day.


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