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Lo Brewer


Lo is a Jersey Girl, a self-professed pop culture idiot savant (celebriologist), a homebody, a crafty crafter, a lover of all things retro & vintage, a thrift shopoholic, and an all around silly MF.  She couples her journalism background with a keen opinion that NO ONE asked for to bring you The Manifesto.


The Manifesto Story…


The original Manifesto was a group e-mail generated by none other than Marlon the Lawyer (pictured above…obviously).  Marlon started The Manifesto in college…back before blogs were even thought of.  In his rant filled e-mails to 30 of his closest friends, he’d muse on life and his love affair with the Knicks.  When he abandoned me (graduated) for law school the Manifesto died.

Fast forward about 5 or six years.  I’m sitting in my cubicle thinking “Is this it?…Is this really my life?” when Marlon’s Manifesto suddenly comes to mind.  So I start to pen an e-mail about life post college and how much it sucks.  I called it The Manifesto Part 2.  It was the bastard child of The Manifesto. After sending it out to a few folks it slowly gained a following.  I don’t comment on the Knicks though (I could care less about basketball).  Instead I add celebrity gossip to the mix.   Writing about the ridiculous lives of famous people becomes a cleansing experience.  I find myself more confident for the shear fact that I’m not as screwed up as they are.

Anyway, I decided to get hip to the game in ’07 when I started a blog on Blogger., WordPress, and All Voices followed.  I also was able to get several freelance gigs doing what I love most…dishing the dirt!

And here we are today.  The Manifesto Part 2 has fans from all over the States and as far as Holland. It’s weird..I know. But I’ll take all the love I can get.

It’s a small operation and it’s messy as hell but you love it all the same.

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  1. Just came across and i think this is brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am HOOKED!! LOL

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