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A$AP Rocky

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The other day the home of rapper A$AP Rocky was robbed.

Three men knocked on the door of his home and one of Rocky’s relatives answered the door. They pulled a gun on her and forced their way into the house.

They were able to make off with $1.5M in jewelry and property.

Rocky wasn’t home at the time of the robbery. Source and Image

Here’s yet another situation where being a paranoid hermit pays off. I don’t open the door unless I knew about the visit beforehand or it’s the mailman (I needs my Amazon deliveries). And I’m definitely not answering the door at someone else’s damn house.

Amber Rose

A man broke into Amber Rose’s house and hung out for HOURS without anyone noticing he was there.

The man broke a window and gained entry to the house through the pantry.  Amber, her mom, son, assistant, and bodyguards were all in the home asleep at the time of the robbery.

Later, Amber saw the broken window and checked her surveillance footage where she saw the man break in and flee several hours later.

He reportedly didn’t take anything. Source and Image

This is level orange type scary. It’s scary that he was in her home where he could have hurt her or her loved ones.  But it’s scarier that he didn’t take anything.  At least a thief has plausible motive.  What was that guy doing in her house for hours?

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