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Conrad Hilton-Grand Theft Auto

Conrad Hilton has been arrested for grand theft auto after stealing his father’s Bently to go stalk his ex-girlfriend.

Conrad had been dating Hunter Solomon, daughter of E.G. Daily and Rick Salomon (the guy Conrad’s sister Paris had an infamous sex tape with).  They broke up and Hunter got a restraining order against Conrad.

I guess he didn’tn like that because after stealing his dad’s car he tried to break into Hunter’s home, wehre she lives with her mother E.G. Source and Image

There’s so much happening in this storey that I’m exhausted just writing it out.

James “Fly” Williams-Running a Heroin Ring

James “Fly” Williams, who played for the Denver Nuggets in the ABA, was arrested in a drug sting that nabbed 18 people.

“What makes his alleged conduct even more unfortunate is that Fly Williams had his own well-documented battles with addiction,” acting Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez said during a press conference.

“With his influence on young people to run such a substantial narcotics operation is truly sad and reprehensible,” Gonzalez said. Source and Image

What makes this story even sadder is that he was running a youth mentoring program whilst also running a $20M drug ring.

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