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Music Review: Gorillaz-Humanz


Love them or hate them, the cartoon band, Gorillaz, stays true to their sound.  This is regardless of the bevy of other artists they feature on their albums.  They use these features and mold them to their animated synthy shape.

I’m always curious to see who they’ll work with and surprised with every album.  This album brought Grace Jones on Charger, Danny Brown and Kelela on “Submission” and Carly Simon on “Ticker Tape.” Grace can do no wrong, so while others have been critical of her collaboration with Gorillaz, I love everything about “Charger.” I generally love Carly Simon as well.  However, I felt that her feature was dreary and boring.

There are several other standouts on the 26-track album, like De La Soul on “Momentz” and Anthony Hamilton on “Carnival.”

One of my favorites was “Busted and Blue,” which didn’t have any features on it and was particularly sad.  But it had a beauty to it as well, which can be seen in all of their work.

Overall I really liked the album. Because of their propensity to use other artists, it felt like I was listening to a DJ’s mixtape.  But it wasn’t disjointed or all over the place because every track was basted with the Gorillaz signature sound.

Must Listens: “Carnival,” “Charger” & “Busted and Blue”

Score 4 out of 5

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