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Drizzy Post:

Drake Robbed

Drake’s Los Angeles mansion was robbed earlier this month.  One of his friends went into his home on April 3rd, and found a woman dressed in Drake’s clothes standing in one of the mansion’s rooms.

She claimed she had permission to be in the home and admitted to having a drink from Drake’s fridge.

The police were called and the woman was charged with felony burglary and arrested. Source and Image

This takes ‘thirsty’ to a whole new level.

Booty Model says Drake Knocked Her Up

Layla Lace, an Instagram model and former stripper, says that she’s pregnant with Drake’s Baby.

She announced the news on Instagram and provided proof of a positive pregnancy test as well as screengrabs of alleged convos with Drake.  She claims he stopped answering her calls after they had unprotected sex. Source and Image

Seriously, when are these celebs gonna learn?

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