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Miguel Accused of Sexual Assault

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A woman named Xian Bass has accused singer Miguel of sexual assault.  She claims that Miguel pulled out her breast during a meet and greet.

While at a club she met Miguel, and asked for a photo.  They took a picture together and after she told him she likes to have orgasms to his music he groped her.

She says, “He [Miguel] reaches his hand down my shirt and takes my breast out of my top. Like, literally pulls my breast out of my shirt right after we took a photo.” 

She recounted the incident on social media and wrote him a letter that reads:

Dear Miguel,

I used to be a fan of your music.

I was a fan of your music until you blatantly disrespected my body in a public place. There is nothing I did or said that warranted this disgusting display of entitlement, rape culture, and male privilege. I approached you respectfully and you still decided my body was not sacred enough to be treated as a human being. After we took this photo, you took it upon yourself to grab my breast and remove it from my shirt WITHOUT CONSENT. You then proceeded to look at my naked breast with such a disgusting look on your face. It’s still embedded in my memory. The sneer of your lip and salivating mouth is making my stomach turn. I really don’t understand why you would do that to someone who approached you as a fan. I’m beyond disgusted right now. Are you used to treating random female strangers this way? Have you gotten away with this in the past?

Well, it stops HERE and NOW.

I will not sit in shameful silence and allow sexual assault to be normalized. #toxicmasculinity #maleprivilege #violated #rapecultureisreal #celebrityprivilege #iwasntaskingforit #speakup #speakupspeakout #nomiguel

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I hope that if this actually happened she has also chosen to file a police report so that action can be taken against him.

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