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Chris’ Ex-Manager Loses Out

Mike Guirguis, Chris Brown’s former manager, took him to court alleging he was physically assaulted by Chriss.  He wanted a judge to seize Chris’ assets.  However a judge has rejected the motion.

The motion argues that Chris will soon be broke, and therefore unable to pay up in the assault case. Source and Image

You win some you lose some.  Let’s just hope, for Mike G’s sake, that they settle that suit before all the money is gonzo.

The LAPD Wants a Sit Down with Breezy

Image result for chris brown

The LAPD that covers the neighborhood where Chris Brown lives, would like to have a talk with the singer.  There have been several complaints from his neighbors including violence, reckless driving, noise and drugs.

A source said police are doing this because, “Chris is a chronic problem who takes up a tremendous amount of our resources.” Source and Image

This is sad AF.

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