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Music Review: Jidenna-The Chief

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Ever since Jidenna came out  with “Classic Man” back in 2015, we’ve been yearning to hear more.  “He’s so different!” Indeed.

But his “differentness” should have told me that his album would be full of  “different,” oozing with contradiction and  overflowing with every genre known to man.

Jidenna throws everything at us.  We get reggae with “Bambi.” We get Afrobeat with “Little Bit More.” He’s a hard-hitting rapper on “Long Live the Chief.” And “Trampoline” is just.  Well he sings: “She’s not a tramp just cus she bounce it like a trampoline.” Really?

So now that he’s proven his musical flexibility, next time around let’s try for an album that tells us who he is as an artist.  Because I just can’t.

Score: 3 out of 5.

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