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Bey Sued over “Formation” Sample

Beyonce is being sued for an unauthorized sample that is in the opener of her song, “Formation.”

The voice you hear at the beginning of the track belongs to deceased New Orleans YouTube personality Messy Mya.

“What happened at the New Wil’ins / B*tch I’m back, by popular demand” are sampled from a video Mya uploaded in 2010 titled, “Booking H*es From The New Wildin.”

Mya’s estate claims that Beyoncé used his voice without permission. They also claim they’ve reached out to Beyoncé’s people numerous times to work something out, but never got a response. So they’re suing for $20M in back royalties and other damages. Source and Image

Everyone steals…but you can’t steal and be filthy rich…someone is gonna take notice.

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