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Music Review: Migos-Culture


While they’ve grown, Migos is like rap’s version of a garage band.  They’re songs are gritty, in terms of production value, but lyrically they seem to have become sleeker and as a group each member fills a specific role, all of which fit each other nicely.

There are a few strange moments in the album, like “All Ass,” which sonically just feels wrong.  But for the most part they’ve laced together a bunch of tracks, which may not be relatable tomost of their audience, but are still strong singles (See: “Bad and Boujee” & “Call Casting”)

They even manage to weave in some social commentary.  On “What the Price” they rap about how role models like preachers and educators present a ‘better’ path that’s both exclusionary and unreachable.

Although I find their trappy sound kind of beats me over the head with it’s repetitive nature, I enjoyed this album overall and give it a 3.8 out of 5.

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