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2016 Year In Review: Celebrity Deaths

The grim reaper was indeed busy all year long.  He took from us some of the biggest names in Hollyweird.  He was so busy, in fact, that I was scared to upload this post for fear that someone else would be taken from us in the final minutes of 2016.  In any event, below is our comprehensive list of all the amazing stars we’ve lost this year.




Natalie Cole, 65-Singer/Actress

David Bowie, 69-Rock Icon

Guru Josh, 51-Rave Pioneer

Craig Strickland, 29-Country Singer

Rene Angelil,73-Entertainment Manager

Glenn Frey, 67-Singer, The Eagles

Maurice White, 74-Singer, Earth, Wind & Fire

Denise “Vanity” Matthews, 57-Singer/Actress

Bankroll Fresh, 28-Rapper

Joey Feek, 40-Country and gospel singer

Keith Emerson, 71-Keyboardist

Phife Dawg, 45-Rapper

Prince, 57-Musician

Billy Paul, 80-Singer

Merle Haggard, 79-Country Singer

Emilio Navaira, 53-Tejano Star

Nick Menza, 51-Megadeath Drummer

Christina Grimmie, 22-Singer

Prince Be, 46-Musician

Ralph Stanley, 89-Bluegrass singer

Bernie Worrell, 72-Funkadelic Keyboardist

Lor Scoota, 23-Rapper

DTTX, 46-Rapper

Shawty Lo, 40-Rapper

Kashif Saleem, 59-Singer/Producer

Rod Temperton, 66-Songwriter

Bobby Vee, 73-Singer

Pete Burns, 57-Singer

Leonard Cohen, 82-Singer

Sharon Jones, 60-Singer

Big Syke, 48-Rapper

Greg Lake, 69-Musician

Colonel Abrams, 67-Singer

George Michael, 53-Singer




Jack Wingreen, 95-Actor

Pat Harrington, Jr., 86-Actor; Schneider from “One Day At A Time”

David Margulies, 78-Actor “Ghostbusters” mayor

Alan Rickman, 59-Actor

Monty Brinson, 58-Kim Richards’s Ex-Husband

Abe Vigoda, 94-Actor

George Gaynes, 98-Actor

Angela “Big Ang” Raiola, 55-Reality Star

Larry Drake, 66-Actor

Joe Santos, 84-Actor

John Schnabel, 96-Reality Star

Gary Shandling, 66-Actor/comedian

David Smyrl, 80-Actor

Ken Howard, 71-Actor

Patty Duke, 69-Actress

Amber Rayne, 31-Porn Star

David Gest, 62-Entertainment Personality

Doris Roberts, 90-Actress

Teresa Saldana, 61-Actress

Michu Meszaros, 76-Actor

Ron Lester, 45-Actor

Anton Yelchin, 27-Actor

Caroline Aherne, 52-Comedian

Garry Marshall, 81-Actor/Director

Jerry Doyle, 60-Actor

Kenny Baker, 81-Actor

Fyvush Finkel, 93-Actor

Steven Hill, 94-Actor

Gene Wilder, 83-Actor/Comedian

Jon Polito, 65-Actor

John Hostetter, 69-Actor

The Lady Chablis, 59-Drag Performer

Kim McGuire, 60-Actress

Thaddeus Wilk Farrow, 27-Mia Farrow’s Son

Herschell Gordon Lewis, 87-Godfather of Gore

Bill Nunn, 63-Actor

Gary Glasberg, 50-TV Producer

Tommy Ford, 52-Actor

Matt Villines, 39-Director

Kevin Meaney, 60-Actor/Comedian

Florence Henderson, 82-Actress

Ron Glass, 71-Actor

Alan Thicke, 69-Actor

Zsa Zsa Gabor, 99-Actress

Michele Morgan, 96-Actress

Valerie Fairman, 23-Reality Star

Ricky Harris, 54-Actor/Comedian

Tricia McCauley, 46-Actress

Liz Smith, 95-Actress

Claude Gensac, 89-Actress

Carrie Fisher, 60-Actor

Debbie Reynolds, 84-Actress

Barbara Tarbuck, 74-Actress




David Mirra, 41-BMX Star

Kevin Randleman, 44-UFC Fighter

Lawrence Phillips, 40-Football Player

Bobby Wanzer, 94-NBA Hall of Famer

Lee Reherman, 49-Actor/American Gladiator

Tray Walker, 23-Football Player

Will Smith, 34-Football Player

Joanie “Chyna” Laurer, 46-Wrestler

Bryce Dejean, 23-NBA Player

Muhammad Ali, 74-Boxer

Kimbo Slice, 42-MMA Fighter

Sean Rooks, 46-Basketball Player/Coach

Gordie Howe, 88-Hocky Legend

Bryan Robinson, 41-Football Player

Pat Summit, 64-Basketball Coach

Nate Thurmond, 74-Basketball Player

Antonio & Dawn Armstrong-Athlete

Jose Fernandez, 24-Baseball Player

Arnold Palmer, 87-Golfer

Dylan Rieder, 28-Pro skateboarder/model

Dennis Byrd, 50-NFL Player

Rashaan Salaam, 42-Football Player

Harry “Mr. Fuji” Fujiwara, 82-Agent

Konrad Rueland, 29-Football Player




Katie May, 34-Playboy model/‘Queen of Snapchat’

Cara McCullum, 24-Miss America Contestant

Daisy Lewellyn, 36-Fashion Expert/Reality Star

Samantha “Sami” Edwards, 37-Former Miss USA Contestant

Franca Sozzani, 66-Vogue Italia Editor




Harper Lea, 89-Author

Jim Harrison, 78-Author




Nancy Reagan, 94-Former FLOTUS

Rob Ford, 45-Toronto Mayor

Afeni Shakur, 69, Activist/Black Panther/Tupac Shakur’s mother

Janet Reno, 78-First Female Attorney General

Fidel Castro, 90-Former President of Cuba




Doug Banks, 57-Radio Host

John Saunders, 61-ESPN Anchor

Gwen Ifill, 61-PBS Anchor

Craig Sager, 65-Sports Journalist

Joey Boots, 49-Radio Personalit




George Ortiz, 45-Celebrity Hairstylist

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