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Conor Kennedy Arrested After Bar Fight

Conor Kennedy was at a bar in Aspen when someone used homophobic slurs against him an dhis friend.

Things settled for a bit but then picked up again when the bar let out.  Punches were thrown and cops were called.  In the end, Coner was charged with disorderly conduct. Source and Image

Is it bad that I’m thinking…meh, could be worse?

Trey Songz Arrested for Assault

Trey Songz was performing at a concert in Detroit when he set was cut short.

He told the sound guy not to cut his mic then went nuts smashing equipment and instruments on the stage.

He as eventually arrested when police stormed the stage and charged with malicious destruction of property, resisting arrest, obstructing arrest, and assault, after an arresting officer was hit with an object leaving him with ac concussion. Source and Image

Well damn, who knew he was so gangsta…or rather, so stupid?

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