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Music Review: Kid Cudi-Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’

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Kid Cudi’s hubris will be his downfall.  He thinks his views on the world and how it works are the greatest thoughts to ever grace a mind.  And not that he’s got a shitty world view.  But it’s nothing special.

So listening to any of his work, is a chore at best.

With that said, while I didn’t necessarily enjoy the album, I felt that we as listeners were allowed to sit in on one of Cudi’s therapy sessions. Having just gotten out of rehab for his various dependency and mental health issues, Cudi was sure to deliver an ‘interesting’ album.  And we got that and a whole lot more of his brand of crazy.

In “Swing in the Light” he delves into his substance abuse problems with lyrics like, “you could try and numb the pain, but it’ll never go away.”

He talks about his problems and offers up cliché solutions (read: “dig deeper” in “Wounds”).  But all that we get is a lot of surface.  Considering the things he’s been through, there’s the potential to offer up some lyrical genius.  But he doesn’t follow his own advice and dig deeper to give us more.

He doesn’t want to fix his problems…he wants to wallow in them and wants us to wallow too. No thanks.

I wish he could push past his love for playing the part of the martyr to create some amazing music.  I think he’s capable of it…but doesn’t care enough to try.

Score: 2.5

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