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Music Review: The Lox-Filthy America…It’s Beautiful

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The Lox have always been known for their lyrical skills.  Compared to today’s mumble rappers, rhymes flow off their lips like razor blades cutting through all the bullshit that passes for music today.

And while their lyrical talent is something to marvel at, their lyrical content is a little questionable considering their age and current position in the game.

For example, in “Omen,” they talk about their love of robbery as well as being spawns of the devil.  Come again? Perhaps I’m missing a deeper meaning in the record, but it seems a little ridiculous and to lack a certain amount of maturity that I would expect from the trio who’ve been in the business for 20 years.

They fledge a full attack on today’s shittastic rappers in “Don’t You Cry,” where Sheek rhymes: “I don’t care what your new shit did, I’m a god/You been on my dick since you was a kid /And I ain’t never fall off, I got greater/Took it as constructive criticism instead of calling you hater/After that I made more hits, made more knocks/While you was talking bout the LOX, I had the Range on your block.”

After listening to that track, I found it weird to hear Fetty Wap on “The Agreement.”  Nothing against Fetty Wap, I just feel like adding the fly by night rapper to their features seemed like a ploy to pull in new fans.  Did it work?  I’m not so sure.  The song is full of Z’s and no one involved seems particularly committed to making something grand.

Overall, there’s nothing bad on this album, just a little more ‘mediocre’ floating around in it than I’d like.

Score: 3.3

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