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Chet Hanks Welcomes Daughter

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Rapper/actor Chet Hanks, has had his share of troubles.  He’s been working on his alcohol and drug issues for a while now.  But word is that he had a blessing come into his life several months ago.

Chet became a father to a baby girl earlier this year, the product of a one night stand. Word is that though Chet has had issues with addiction, he’s been sober since the birth of his daughter.

A source said, “Tom’s had a lot of issues with Chet over the years, given Chet’s drug and alcohol issues, but this baby has changed all of that. Chet’s now sober and is currently working as a drug counselor. He lives in Santa Monica and pays $2,800 a month in rent, with the help of his dad.

“Chet is financially supporting the baby, of course, with Tom’s help. They adore that baby and even spent Halloween with her. She will always be loved and taken care of by the Hanks family.” Source and Image

I don’t know about his rap career, but Chet has been doing a great job on “Shameless.” It’s good to see him turning things around. Congrats on the new baby and your sobriety!

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