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Music Review: Childish Gambino-Awaken My Love!


Awaken My Love! wonderfully captures Childish Gambino’s meteoric rise and evolution into an octuple (Microsoft Word says that’s not a word, but I beg to differ) threat.  He’s a writer, actor, rapper, comedian, lyricist, director, producer and singer.  And with his hit show Atlanta, a staring role in an upcoming Star Wars film, and several successful albums and mixtapes under his belt, there’s no doubt his star power is only going to continue to grow.

His latest effort takes on many topics and genres of music.  The opener, “Me and Your Mama,” is possibly his best record ever.  He combines intricate and intelligent lyrics with an insane gospel chorus.  We get to see his funky side with “Boogieman,” and he even delivers up some spoken word on “Baby Boy.”

I could have done without “California.” Though sonically interesting, the over synthesized vocals and calypso melody left me a little confused.

Awaken My Love! gives us a millenialized version of what it means to be a psychedelic dirty backpacker from Atlanta.  And I kinda love it.

Score: 4.2

Must Listens: “Me and Yor Mama,” “Boogieman” and “Riot”

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