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Music Review: John Legend-Darkness and Light


What I like most about Darkness and Light is that John Legend steps away from safe R&B and gives us the outspoken opinionated John we see on nightly news panels and social media.  He somehow manages to mask socio political stances behind really groovy beats.  This can be best seen in the Chance the Rapper assisted “Penthouse Floor.”

He uses “How Can I Blame You” a song about being pulled over by police, NOT to talk about black men being killed at alarming rates during traffic stops, but instead to talk about racing through life and the need to slow down.  He could have used any number of metaphors to talk about life’s hectic pace.  I think this was a deliberate way to talk about the sad state of current affairs without directly talking about it.

In addition to politics, he also takes a serious look at relationships through his musings on wife Chrissy Tiegen and new daughter, Luna.

Darkness and Light John shows us that while he’s scared and worried about what type of world his family lives in, he is still humble enough to see the light in it and is grateful for the privileges his success has brought him.


Must Listens: “I Know Better,” “Overload” & “Penthouse Floor”

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