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Music Review: The Weeknd-Starboy


It took me a while to concede that I actually liked The Weeknd.  I think perhaps the fact that his lyrics can be both corny AF and sophisticatedly disgusting, is a duality that I didn’t want to associate myself with.  Also, his hair didn’t help.  But I think somewhere around “Kissland” I gave into the hype that was quickly building around him and gave him a chance.  I’m glad I did.  I can find something brilliant and wonderful in every scatterbrained album he produces.

Generally, I take issue with an album that lacks consistency.  But The Weeknd is consistently inconsistent.  So he gets a pass.

Sonically all over the place, “Starboy” gives us everything from 80s dance pop (“Secrets” & “Rockin’”) to  retro bluesy rock that he serves up in “Sidewalks.”  The latter of which is a favorite of mine.

The second half of the album kind of teeters off into mediocrity.  But the beginning is so strong that It doesn’t really matter.

Score: 3.6

Must Listens: “Sidewalks” & “Six Feet Under”

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