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Music Review: DNCE-DNCE


DNCE gives us a little bit of pop, funk, and lots of dance, which makes me all types of happy.

Their opener, title track “DNCE” is the perfect way to start off this booty shaker.

I love that former purity ring wearing boy bander, Joe Jonas, gets a little dirty.  In “Cake By the Ocean” an allegory for sex on the beach, he’s singing about licking frosting and living dangerously…indeed. But what DNCE does as a group is get cheeky without going full on nasty.  They also recognize that they’re all a little quirky and don’t make the mistake of taking themselves too seriously.

Though the album is chock full of dance hits, they give us a ballad in the form of “Almost,” wich is straight out of the boy band play book. But it has enough of a mature spin that we forgive them for it.

Everything about this album was fun and I will make sure to add it to my “Getting’ Ready for Duh Club” playlist.

Score: 4.5 out of 5

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