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Music Review: Common-Black America Again


This album is basically a lesson in wokeness. Common, one of the original dirty backpacker crew post his relationship with Erykah Badu, has always been a conscious rapper.  So in these #BlackLivesMatter days, who shouldn’t be surprised that he would release such a timely album.

He manages to not get too preachy, while still maintaining an air of being at a civil rights rally.

Far from a club banger, this album isn’t lost for great sonic choices and pretty bomb production.  There’s jazz, bass, and drums woven through out.  So while you wouldn’t necessarily want to dance to it.  The melodies make the heavy lyrical content more palatable.

My favorite has to be the title track, “Black America Again.”  Between Common’s spoken word flow and the use of Stevie Wonder’s voice chopped and screwed, it’s borderline brilliant.

The album kind of loses steam towards the end.  But that’s expected on any album that’s over 10 tracks.

I enjoyed it and recommend it, but don’t have any desire to listen to it again.  I’m giving “Black America Again” a solid 4.

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