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Mariah Says She Didn’t Cheat because She Doesn’t Put Out Before Marriage

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Since Mariah Carey and her fiancé, James Packer, broke up, there have been rumors that she cheated on him.

But TMZ is reporting that Mariah denies these claims that she had an affair with one of her dances.  Not only was she not having sex with the dancer, she wasn’t even having sex with her fiancé. Sources say that even though she and James lived together, they slept in separate rooms and that she was waiting until they got married to give him the goods.

Mimi’s ex, Nick Cannon, said that they waited until they were married to seal the deal.  Source and Image

Her ‘chastity’ Is legendary.  So I’m inclined to believe she didn’t cheat.  Maybe James was just tired of waiting.

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