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Pippen Split Gets Messier

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We just learned the other day that former NBA star, Scottie Pippen, filed for divorce from his wife of 19 years, Larsa.

Well, now some sticky details about their split have emerged. The police have been called to their home twice in the past month. When police responded to the first call, they found Larsa sitting in her car too scared to go back into the house after a heated argument. However, she maintains that Scottie never threatened her or put his hands on her.

The second incident happened tow days later. The police responded to a “domestic disturbance” but no arrests were made.

There have also been rumors that the fighting and the subsequent  split are a result of Larsa’s close relationship with rapper Future. Both Larsa and Future have denied anything romantic is going on.  BU sources say that Larsa has been traveling with Future to various cities on his private jet.  They also say the pair was very “coz” recently at Komodo nightclub in Miami.

Others say that there’s nothing serious going on between Larsa and Future and that she has only been spending time with him because Scottie began openly flirting with an actress earlier this year. Source, Source and Image

Doesn’t look like this worked out too well for her, eh?

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