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Cam Sued for Trashing Mansion

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NFL QB, Cam Newton, has been sued for trashing a rental mansion in Beverly Hills.

Jared Pobre, lux home rental company manager, is suing Cam for $270,324.47. The football play reportedly paid $123K to rent a mansion in the hills this past spring during the NFL off-season.  Jared claims that Cam caused almost $100K worth of damage.  Cam supposedly agreed there would be no smoking, parties, or more than 8 guests at a time in the home.

The housekeeper told the rental company that there had been several parties in the home.  And when Cam moved out Jared said that the house was totally trashed including a broken expensive refrigerator, water damage to the floors, ruined linens and a destroyed $32K rug.

Jared says he sent a $90K bill to Cam but it was never paid.  So now he’s suing for over $270K which would pay for the damages and the lost rent due to the repairs taking 2 months to complete. Source and Image

I mean he has the dough…but seriously, wtf is wrong with you that you would do that kind of

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