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Rob to File For Custody of Tyga’s Son

A source is saying that Rob Kardashian is vieing to get custody of Tyga’s son with his fiancé, Blac Chyna.

The source sais that Chyna is helping Rob mount a case against her ex by detailing all of his failed business ventures, financial issues, and failure to pay child support. Source and Image

Hmm, I mean, Chyna already has custody of Cairo.  I think they should try for her being the primary custodian before Rob tries to get custody seeing how he and Chyna aren’t even married yet.  Then again, this is all coming from a random ‘source.’ So there’s that.

Kylie Pulled into Tyga’s Financial Mess

Tyga has had his share of financial problems over the past few years including repossessed cars and lawsuits for unpaid rent.

Well it looks like his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, is being pulled into his foolishness. The lawyer for an LA jeweler who’s suing Tyga for unpaid bills, wants to talk to Kylie.  She’s reportedly agreed to testify under oath about the expensive gifts she’s received from him. Source and Image

I’m sure she’ll say she bought herself the gifts jus to keep him out of hot water. Although, in all honesty…she probably did buy herself the gifts

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