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FBI Investigating Brad Pitt?

Brangelina’s divorce took absolutely no time to get messy.  Just a day after news broke that the pair is splitting, we hear that Brad is being investigated for child abuse.

The allegations have been referred from the LA DCFS to the FBI.

DCFS reportedly got an anonymous call that Brad was drunk on a private jet last week and became both physically and verbally abusive to his children. Because the incident occurred in the air (on a France to US flight), the LAPD’s Abused Child Unit doesn’t have jurisdiction and the incident had to be reported to the FBI.

Sources say that when the plane landed in Minnesota Brad was “out of control” on the tarmac and tried to leave in a fuel truck.

Both Brad and Angelina have already been interviewed by DCFS, who plan to interview the children as well.

Brad denies committing any sort of abuse. Source and Image

Jeez Louise! I sure hope for the sake of the children that all of this is a huge misunderstanding.

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