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Music Review: Beyonce-Lemonade

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I know this review is a few weeks late. But I don’t have cable or TIDAL and I don’t plan on getting either anytime soon.  So getting my hands on this album proved to be a little harder than I thought. (Thanks for hookin it up Tobias!)

Anyway, there isn’t much more that I can add to the discussion about “Lemonade” being a feminist album or being an album about a woman scorned.  Because in reality I don’t know if it’s either.  I think that having a few ‘girls rock’ lyrics sprinkled throughout doesn’t a feminist album make.  That doesn’t mean that I’m minimizing the strong messages strung throughout.  I just don’t like that label being thrown around so casually.  In terms of her using this album to air out her marital problems…I don’t know.  Maybe she’s letting us in on a private pain.  Or maybe she’s just trolling the fuck shit out of everyone and doing what she does best, making dat money.

Regardless of what is behind the songs on this album, I think that most women can relate to being in a situation where someone you love doesn’t love you in the way you need them to, has no respect for your relationship, or generally neglects you.

One thing that I think we’ve neglected to discuss is how although the content is a departure for Beyonce, “Lemonade” is so sonically different from anything else she’s ever done that it’s almost not immediately recognizable as Bey.  And that’s not a bad thing.

“Don’t Hurt Yourself” featuring Jack White had a groovy rock feeling.  Think Tina Turner…then get your life. On “Daddy’s Lessons” she went full country. Actually, “Sandcastle” kind of has a country feel…with a hint of blues.

Of course my faves are “Sorry” and “Formation”, both of which make me think I can twerk…that alone would make me rate this album pretty high.  With that said, I’m giving “Lemonade” a 4.3.

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