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Oprah to Portray Henrietta Lacks

Oprah has teamed up with HBO to tell the story of Henrietta lacks, a black woman whose cells were stolen by doctors and used for medical research.

In 1951, Henrietta was told that she had cervical cancer.  Druing her treatment samples from her cervix were stolen from her and given to a cancer researcher named George Otto Gey.

He found that Lacks’ cells (unlike others) were immortal. Since her death, some scientists have grown over 20 tons of her cells. Others have patented “products” with them to make money off of them.

Oprah will portray Henrietta.  Also signed onto the project is George C. Wolfe, who wrote the screenplay and will direct the film.

Production begins this summer.  No premiere date has been set yet. Source and Image

Oh, I’m finna watch the hell outta this.

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