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Lemonade Post #3:

Bey Teams with AMEX and Uber for New Tour

Beyonce has partnered with American Express and Uber to give fans a special “Formation” experience.

Starting today, Uber rides can use a new “FORMATION” view in the app by applying the promo code “FORMATIONAMEX” in the proper field. If the rider is matched to a “FORMATION” ride, they will win two free tickets and a roundtrip UberX ride to see Beyoncé slay the stage.

Deborah Curtis, VP of Global Experiential Marketing for AMEX, said, “We are obsessed with delivering unparalleled experiences in unique and memorable ways. We have longstanding relationships with both Beyoncé and Uber, and are excited to bring them together for The Formation World Tour through this unique integration that represents the intersection of music access and mobile technology.” Source and Image

Well damn. She’s always winning. It’s annoying at this point.

Mathew Speaks on “Lemonade”

Bey’s dad, Mathew Knowles, has opened up about the “Becky” reference in her new album “Lemonade.”

When asked who she’s talking about, Mathew said, “It’s YOU.”

“Let me tell you who she’s talking about, can I tell you who she’s talking about? She’s talking about you. You put that in context for you personally. She’s talking about you and everybody that is you, that’s who she’s talking about.”

He added that wehther or not the songs are autobiographical, everyone can relate to the music.

Mathew said, “I think that’s the beauty of her creativity and I think that’s what makes it so special, is that it relates to everyone. Every one of us have been disappointed before and have had to go through the grieving process of anger and, you know, disappointment and then acceptance and forgiveness. And I think that’s why this again is touching so many people, because it’s universal. Everybody can relate to it.” Source and Image

That Mathew…he just can’t keep quiet.

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