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Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson Accused of Sexual Harassment

Jordan Clarkson and Nick Young of the LA Lakers, have been accused of sexually harassing a sports activist.

Alexis Jones, an activist trying to stop athletes from committing sexual harassment, says that she was stopped at an intersection with her mother when a Jeep with four men pulled up alongside them and made “vulgar, sexual” gestures toward her mom.

She said, “She was super rattled. That’s the truth. It scared her. We were in a small car, and they were in a big Jeep, and it was a bunch of big dudes. They’re leaning out of the car and making vulgar, sexual gestures. My mom was really shocked. That immediately turned into sobbing.”

The Lakers are taking the claim “very seriously” and have reached out to Alexis for hopes of a resolution to this situation. Source, Source and Image

What a super coincidental thing to happen to someone with such a very specific cause.

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