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Breezy’s Mad Folks Aren’t Buying his Clothes

Chris Brown recently took to Instagram to criticize fans who say they can’t afford his Black Pyramid clothing line.

He said in a video which has since been taken down:

“Some of these so-called fans are complaining about $70 shirts, $90 shirts. What the f*ck you be talking bout when you say you buy 10 to 15 album? How much is that bitch?”

He wrote a caption:

“Cry me a f*cking river. You bitch n*ggas killing over Jordan’s. waiting in line outside for YEEZYs for days. My prices are H&M AND ZARA PRICES. I’m not running for president nor did I say u had to buy anything. So LIKE I ALWAYS SAY… TASTE THIS FART I BEEN HOLDING IN ON THIS PLANE TO PARIS. sh*theads.” Source, Source and Image

The people who are buying yeezy’s are prolyl not the same people who are complaining about the prices of yourclothes.  Also, why are you so angry?

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