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Music Review: Yo Gotti-The Art of Hustle

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Yo Gotti has been around for (apparently) a really long time.  And I’ve definitely listened to him before, but I think The Art of Hustle may be his best stuff, mostly because it is his only work that’s actually stuck with me.

His work hasn’t necessarily matured, however, he’s still taking about shooting and killing and drugs and whatnot.  In fact, he does so heavily in pretty much every song on this album, but this content is best expressed in the oddly titled “Bible.” Speaking of which, I felt like the content deserved a harder flow.  But apparently he won’t alter his sedated flow for any damn body. I found it also interesting that Lil’ Wayne, who’s featured on the song, somehow found a way to talk about pussy in a song about murder and drugs. Whatevs.

Anyway, I enjoyed the Blaxploitation horns in “The Art of Hustle.”Imagine Dat” was also a favorite of mine.  “Momma” was super personal, I always love when artists, particularly rap artists, open up.

But I could have done without the annoying repetition of trap that happens in “Law” and “Smile.”

Overall I enjoyed this album…but not quite enough to listen to it again.  I’m giving The Art of Hustle a 3.8 out of 5.

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