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TIDAL Leaks Rih’s New Album

TIDAL accidentally released her entire album when they were trying to release just one single from it.

Rihanna released her first single from her new album ANTI on TIDAL yesterday.  But after a few hours, fans noticed that the entire album was available for streaming, where it remained for three minutes.

After tracks began to circulate due to pirating, Rihanna “surprise” released the entire album as a free gift to fans along with a complimentary 60-Day TIDAL subscription. Source and Image

I’m still unclear if this was an accident or on purpose.  And something in me feels like it’s going to backfire on everyone involved.

Rihanna’s ANTI Banned in Britain’s Charts

Rihanna shared a like on Twitter that directed her followers to TIDAL where they could stream her album for free.  But the British Phonographic Industry, BPI, won’t be recognizing any of these web spins because they don’t acknowledge numbers pulled in by free downloads.

A spokesperson for the Official Charts UK said, “Free downloads don’t count towards the Official Chart, meaning ANTi currently won’t be eligible for the Official Albums Chart.

“It has not yet been announced when ANTi will be available to download and stream on other services, including iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify.” Source and Image

Well that sucks.

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