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Joseph Fiennes to Play MJ in new TV Movie

Joseph Fiennes has been cast as Michael Jackson for an upcoming TV film.

The movie is based on a 2011 story in Vanity Fair, that revealed a road trip following 9/11.  Michael apparently took a road trip with friends Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando in an attempt to make it back to California when plains were grounded.

“They actually got as far as Ohio – all three of them, in a car they drove themselves,” a former employee of Jackson told VF.

One of Liz’s assistants said that she never took the trip and instead stayed in NYC to visit ground zero and prey.

The filml will still include Liz though.  She’ll be played by Stockard Channing and Brian Co will play Marlon Brando. Source and Image

I’ve definitely heard this story before.  And I’ve always wondered why it didn’t get more attention. As far as Joseph Fiennes playing Mike, I know a lot of people are mad about it, with Joe being white and all.  And I would be mad too, if it were any other black character being played by a non-black actor. BUT, this is Michael Joseph Jackson we’re talking about.  He wasn’t black. He wasn’t white.  He wasn’t even human.  He was a comic mutant.  It would be like us being mad that a non-green actor was playing the Incredible Hulk.  You could let a monkey play him if you could plster enough makeup on him.

Anyway, will you be watching? I sure as holy hell will.  I can’t WAIT to see this train wreck of awesomeness crash right into the Rio Grande.

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