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The Secret of the Magic City Coming Soon

Rapper Flo Rida and NBA Player, Udonis Haslem, are producing a new indie film called The Secret of the Magic City. It stars Jenifer Lewis, Keith David and Jamie Hector.

The press release reads:

It is often to said that one will never understand their strength until being strong is the only option. The Secrets Of The Magic City demonstrates that point as the coming of age film shows the tenacity of two young girls who triumph through great adversity. Abandoned by their drug addicted mother, sisters Tiana and Nia are reunited and vow never to be separated again. When tragedy strikes the sisters embark on an adventure filled with secrets and clever misdirection ultimately turning to the Magic City streets to survive.

“When Malcolm showed me the first scenes he completed from this movie, and I saw the way he captured scenes of these two little girls trying to stay to together I knew I had get involved. See I was adopted so I get the struggle. This is a story that really needed to be told, so I’m proud to be a part of seeing this vision brought to life,” says Udonis Haslem-Miami Heat Star and The Secrets Of The Magic City Executive Producer

“There are very few inspirational stories in Hollywood about young black youth and almost none about mental health disorder in the black community. I am proud that I was able to make this film to reality and my hopes is that it sheds light on some very important issues that need to be addressed,” says R.Malcolm Jones-Director of The Secrets Of The Magic City.

The film wil debut on BET and Centric soon. Source

This movie looks dumb good.  It’s just the kind of feel bad movie I like.

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