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Morena Baccarin Ordered to Pay $23K/Mo in Alimony

Actress Morena Baccarin has been ordered by a judge to pay her husband, director Austin Chick, $23K a month in alimony and child support.

The couple, which was married for just 4 years, will share custody of their 2-year-old son.  But he’ll spend most of his time in NY where his mother shoots Gotham.

The judge ruled that Morena must pay Austin $2,693 a month in child support and $20,249 a month in spousal support. Source and Image

That’s a helluva lot of money. I bet her hubby was going to out her for being a cheatin ass bish.  So she agreed to the money to keep him quiet.  Also, how much is she getting paid for Gotham. She’s an important character…but not that important.

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