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Khloe, Bed Ridden with Staph Infection, Goes on Twitter Rant

Khloe Kardashian had to cancel her book tour because she contracted a staph infection. So while home trilling the net she came across some tweets from fans telling her to chose between Lamar and James Harden.

One user wrote: “You can’t be with harden and still be married fam, gotta chose one.”

While another wrote: “For better or worse sickness and health till death do them part. I’m with you she needs to pick one or the ou.”

Khloe replied with, “Divorce is still going forward. Doesn’t mean I won’t be there through sickness and health. I’ve proven that,” she replied. “You should have said those to the man who went against all our vows. Judge yourself. F–k off.”

“But you just with him to look good for the media, you think we don’t know?” chimed in another Twitter user.

“Ummmmm how does that look good in the media?” retorted Kardashian. “He wasn’t picking roses my friend. Get off my d-ck,” she answered.

“I think the painkillers I’m on and tweeting is probably not the best thing,” she admitted. “Signing off…. Antibiotics +painkillers + tweeting does not equal anything good lol.” Source and Image

I kind of feel sorry for her.  I mean, sure, she’s a celebrity and this kind of comes along with fame…dealing with internet trolls.  But still, she’s a person.  And really, is it any of our business anyway? Ha! Of course it is! Everyone’s business is my business.


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