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Event Coverage: Style Fashion Week S/S ’16 Day 4-GenLux Awards: Christina Milian presents We Are Pop Culture 

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Saturday,  October 17

The Reef

Christina Milian

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Pop Gang 101 is a young, fun urban sportswear line with several comfy/cute pieces that play to the “We Are Pop Culture” mission with curing pop sayings and slogans plastered across the sparkling sweat shirts and crop tops.

While this collection is not my aesthetic (nor age appropriate if it were my aesthetic), I think it would easily get picked up by sellers like Karmaloop or TopShop.

I only have one small criticism and it has nothing to do with the clothes.  The models (not all, but most) didn’t seem like professional runway models.  Some of them weren’t looking up while they walked, nor stopping long enough for the photographers to grab a picture or to even see what they’re wearing. I felt like I had to do photographic acrobatics to get the pictures that I did get.  It was very distracting.

One thing I did love was that one of the models broke out in dance mid strut.  He was amazing!

But the highlight of the show had to be the kids who walked (including Christina’s daughter Violet).  They were so adorable and probably the best models I saw in the entire show.

Editor’s note: I found out the day after the show that the models were obtained from an open call on Instagram.  That explains a lot.

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My Favorite:


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Special Thanks to Style Fashion Week!

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