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Baby Mama Drama Post:

Rick Ross & Tia Kemp:

Tia Kemp, the mother of one of Rick Ross’ children, has asked a judge to increase his child support to $20K a month.  She said that the money her son receives should be increased to match the increase in Rick’s income.

Tia said,  “You’ve got all these Wing Stops, all this property—up the pay,” Kemp, who filed the child support modification papers in July in Broward County Circuit Court, told BOSSIP. “My son doesn’t ask for much. I’m not trying to drain him.

“I just hope that it gets better, because I’m tired of it,” Kemp said. “It’s been 11 years, my son will be 10, and I’m tired of fighting this war.” Source and Image

Is she (and other mothers who make similar requests) right?  If they were together, that child would be benefitting from their parent’s increase in income, why not if they’re apart?  I don’t know.  It always feels a little golddiggery when people ask for what seems like exorbitant to us regular folks.  But in the grand scheme of things, is $20K a month really an out of control request?

Master P & Sonya Miller:

Sonya Miller, Master P’s wife, says that he is trying to leave her homeless. He recently had security block her from entering the Calabasas gated community where she lives with their 7 children.  Percy pays the rent on the home but is threatening to stop paying according to Sonya. She sas that he’s already cut off the cable and her cell phone. Additionally he’s allegedly trying to get her SUV repossessed.

She is asking that a judge force him to pay the bills while they sort out their divorce.  Even though he’s worth a reported $178M, Sonya contends he hasn’t paid any child or spousal support. Source and Image

She may not be able to get spousal support.  But if she can keep custody of the children, she’ll at least get some of that child support money.  I can’t believe he’d put his children in that sticky ass situation just to be spiteful to her. Who am I kidding? I can totally believe that.

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