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Will Smith & Jay-Z Team Up for Emmet Till Story

Will Smith and Jay-Z will be working together to produce a miniseries about the murder of Emmet Till. It will air on HBO.

The miniseries will give a detailed look into Emmet’s life and the impact on the world before and after he was murdered for allegedly flirting with a white woman in 1955.

The pair is currently searching for a writer to tell the story. Source and Image

Emmet’s story has always struck a chord with me. I first learned about his murder in high school when my African-American History teacher showed the class a documentary on the incident. I was never able to get the image of Emmet’s bloated corpse out of my mind. I hope that the miniseries is as violent, graphic and thought provoking as the real story was. I also hope that it helps people to understand that we don’t live in a post racial America. Because the same hateful shit is happening today.

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