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Is Meemz Addicted to Lean?

Star Magazine is reporting that Mariah Carey may be addicted to “lean” (codeine cough syrup).

Insiders are saying that this addiction is the cause for her recent substandard performances.

One source says, “Mariah’s team was adamantly against it, worried she’d develop a problem.

“Needless to say just days after receiving a prescription Mariah had her people call a doctor to say she lost her prescription and needed another one. The truth is, she didn’t lose her prescription. She’d already drank all the syrup and wanted more!”

Her loved ones are concerned that the syrup, alcohol and stress could be detrimental to her. Source and Image

I’m not buying it. I’m not saying that Mimi is above reproach. Or that she’s immune to an addiction. I’m saying that I just don’t thing that this addiction in particular is her problem. I have zero evidence to support my feelings. It’s just my opinion that her recent issues are probably mostly due to stress…stress of getting divorced, stress of being of a certain age and still trying to behave like a 12-year-old, stress of trying to maintain her body and looks, stress of no longer being on top. Stress is the silent killer. Sure, she may be drinking and drugging. But somehow I don’t see her filling up a Styrofoam cup with some lean and Mad Dog to get her drink on. Now Ace of Spades and cocaine cigarettes to calm her nerve? That, that I could see.

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