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Kardashian Sisters are Pissed about Kylie and Tyga’s European Trip

Kylie Jenner and her ‘mentor’, rapper Tyga, recently took a trip to the UK and her big sisters and daddy are reportedly pissed that this was allowed by momager Kris.

A source said, “Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney are all extremely angry because Kylie is their baby and they don’t think she should be globetrotting Europe unsupervised.

“[Kylie] told Kris that she’s going to help her music career and learn the ins and outs, but they simply don’t buy it.” Source and Image

It’s interesting to see them angry at Kris for pimping out one of their own.

Kris Releases a Cookbook

Kriss Jenner has been making her rounds promoting her new cookbook. But apparently the book sucks. It’s placed 5,184th on Amazon’s sales charts.

Peep below for some of the reviews:

“Surely this is a joke! I suspect the only time she’s been in the kitchen is to kvetch to the caterer and get more vodka!”

“The recipes in here are bland and tasteless…I made the macaroni and cheese, and you would think with all the varieties of cheese it would be flavorful, but instead I got very expensive, inedible mess of oily noodles.”

“Eat the book itself, it will taste better than the recipes within.”

“I would rather read a cookbook by ISIS.” Source and Image

Ha! This is hilarious. She’s known for being a cut throat manager, not a cook. Stick to what you know boo.

Khloe isn’t eating?

Star Magazine is reporting that Khloe has stopped eating and is just sitting around getting drunk all day.

The mag says that following her split with French Montana and not being able to contact her estranged husband, Lamar Odom, to sign divorce papers, that she’s despondent.

A source says, “Food has become her enemy.

“She’s constantly at the gym and eats solids only twice a week.

“She barely eats, but she’s drinking almost every night. Champagne, vodka, tequila – it doesn’t matter what it is, she downs it. She doesn’t seem to realize she’s not doing her body any favors…Khloe is at rock bottom.” Source and Image

I hope this is a case of a rag mag just making things up. Because if it’s true then it’s really sad.

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