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Kim Turns the Table and Snubs Bey

Ever since Jay-Z and Beyonce decided to skip Kim and Kanye’s wedding, Kim has been reportedly furious and hurt.

Word is that now, Beyonce has decided to reach out to Kim, but Kim isn’t taking her calls.

A source says, “As far as Kim’s concerned, the damage is done – she thinks Bey only wants to be friends because she wants something from her now.

“Kim’s ignoring her calls so far. Bey’s going to have to eat some serious humble pie to make up for all the public snubs she’s made over the years and for missing her wedding,” the source said. “She’s certainly not going to forgive her just because Kim’s a bit more famous now and Beyonce’s popularity has taken a hit.” Source and Image

If this is true, I don’t see Bey extending herself for much longer. If Kim really wants to be in her good graces she should pick up the phone. With that said, I’m kinda proud of her for sticking to her guns.

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