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Was Kanye Mad about Kim’s Nudie Leak?

RadarOnline is reporting that Kanye was mad about Kim’s nudes leaking because he’d never seen those particular pics before, implicating that she’d taken them for someone else.

A source said, “Kim had a blazing row with Kanye after he found out about the pictures.”

“He loves seeing her in revealing outfits like she wore in Paris last week and often posts sexy selfies she’s taken, but he’d never seen these photos before and think Kim must have taken them before they got together, for an ex-boyfriend.

“He was seething with jealousy and angry that he has no control over who can see the images. He even accused Kim of still being in contact with some of her exes.

“Kim reassured him that she hasn’t and has been in tears about the whole thing.

“She’s tried to calm Kanye down and asked her legal team to have the photos removed from as many online sites as possible. Kanye knows it’s not Kim’s fault, but he’s still upset.

“He’s been trying hard to steer Kim’s career and rebrand them as a power couple and he doesn’t want anything to damage that.”

The insider claims that Kanye has since “simmered down” but says that the “atmosphere in Paris was tense.”

The source said, “She’s scared he could leave her because they haven’t been getting [along] recently and this has been a huge blow.” Source and Image

The only justification for anger, in my opinion, would be if she took these pictures WHILE they were together and he hadn’t seen them. Otherwise, who gives a good god damn?

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