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Kimmie Tackled During Paris Fashion Week

Kimye is in Paris for Fashion Week and as they arrived at a show today, Kim was almost knocked to the ground.

The car they arrived in was hounded by paparazzi. Kanye got out on one side and Kim and her mother Kris got out on the other side.  As Kim exited the car, a guy lunched at her and grabbed her legs trying to pull her down.

Security pulls him off of her then escorts her and Kris into the building.  IT looks like Kanye tried to get to her when it was all going down but because of the crowd he couldn’t.

We think that the person who attacked her is Vitalii Seduik, the guy who did the same think to Leo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Will Smith. According to his rep, Sediuk is taking credit for lunging at Kim.

He wasn’t arrested, but word is that the paparazzi held him down while Kim was taken inside the venue.

See the video here. Source and Image

WTF is wrong with him? That’s scary as hell.  He calls himself a prankster but there’s nothing funny about this. I hope that some of those kicks Kris threw connected. Fu@king jerk!
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