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Chrihanna Post:

Chris and Rihanna come for each other on Twitter…

Chris basically called Rihanna a hoe in a recent tweet.

He wrote:


She of course took to Instagram with these responses:


Rih IG 2

Rih IG


These two…

Did Rih Leave Chris for Another woman?..


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The National Enquirer is reporting that Rihanna used other women to make Chris jealous and he got so fed up that he broke up with her over it.

Rih was recently photographed sitting on the lap of stud.  When that woman later took to Twitter and talked about how “good” Rihanna smells, then added: “Rihanna I miss you.” She followed that tweet with an image of a broken heart.

It wasn’t long before those messages sparked talk on the Web about RiRi ditching Chris for a “masculine new” girlfriend. Source

I know she likes the ladies.  Butdo you think she likes the ladies that much?

Are Karrueche and Chris back together?…

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Chris was performing at 94.9’s Wild Jam insane Francisco last week.  Who was there to support him? That’s right Karrueche Tran. Source

Now that’s a chick who knows how to play her position.

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