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Kenya Bell Wins Big in Divorce Court

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Kenya Bell and husband Charlie Bell have been going through a very messy divorce.  But the fight is finally over and Kenya is the victor.

Charlie has to pay $1,000/month in child support. But they’ll share custody of their two daughters.

Kenya gets the marital home in Michigan, along with the home bought for her parents. Charlie gets the condo in Vegas and the home he bought his parents.

Kenya was awarded $780,000 cash from Charlie’s savings … leaving him with $656,000. She also gets half of the $670,000 from another account.

She also gets Charlie’s NBA 401k plan, his NBA retirement plan, his NBA pension, NBA welfare plan and NBA supplement benefit plan.

Charlie gets none of Kenya’s “Basketball Wives” money. Source

Hmm, I wonder if she’ll use any of that money to shoot a better music video. She should probably use it to buy a clue…or at least a friend who’ll tell her music ain’t her thang.

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