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Rih to star in ‘Scarface’ remake?

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Word is that Rihanna wants to play the part of Elvira (made famous by Michelle Pfeiffer) in a remake of the movie ‘Scarface.’

A source said, “Rihanna loves ‘Scarface’. Some of her music videos have been based on Michelle’s character, Elvira. She knows all the words and even has her walk perfected.” Source via Source

I haven’t actually seen her act yet (‘Battleship is in the Netflix queue).  But I don’t think anyone should play Elvira but Michelle.  That is, I don’t think ta remake of this movie should happen…ever.

Rihanna’s reality show is tanking…

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Rihanna’s show, Styled To Rock, is apparently bombing.  The Sky Living show started out with 95 viewers (the network usually has an audience of 153K).  Then the second episode went down to 79K.  I did see a rise with the third episode, but still not breaking the network’s average viewership. Source

Do I smell a cancellation on the horizon?

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