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Travolta Sexually Abused TWO Massuers?!

John Travolta is being sued by not one, but two masseurs.

The second masseur claims that during a deep tissue massage, Travolta started jerking off.

He said, “Sweat was pouring down Travolta’s neck, and he asked Plaintiff again to say something nice to him.”

This second plaintiff claims that he asked a co-worker to take the in-room massage but the co-worker refused because “Travolta has been banned from a spa that the coworker used to work at in Los Angeles.” And after the masseur was assaulted, he complained to his bosses “to no avail” and Travolta even demanded that the masseur come back and “finish” – which the masseur refused.

His lawyer says, “The problem in America is anyone can sue anyone. However, in this case this unidentified plaintiff and his lawyer will regret they filed this fabricated suit. We intend to sue both of them for malicious prosecution.” Yeah… this is no longer “funny stories about gay spa sex.” These are stories about Travolta physically assaulting men and everyone turning a blind eye. If the stories are true, I hope Travolta has to pay out, big time. If the stories aren’t true, I hope he can defend himself in court. Source

I can’t with this queen.

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